The Question: Do I Really Need A Real Estate Agent?

The Answer: Yes!

The Response: Why?

The Answer:  The internet provides you with endless information on any and every topic you can think of. However, reading countless articles or watching videos are not viable replacements for actual experience.  Education is a wonderful thing but when you pair it with actual experience you are sure to win.  Practicing real estate professionals have so many more resources than you think and can speak the industry language. The negotiating power you receive when you are represented by an agent will undoubtedly save you a bundle if you are buying and maximize your return if you are selling.

So while one may feel that reading articles and watching HGTV provides the knowledge to go it alone in the real estate world, keep in mind that there is a possibility of over 180 steps that could occur during a single transaction.  You wouldn't want to watch a You Tube video to try to fix your brand new car, so why would you try to purchase or sell what is probably your biggest investment?

Consider your real estate agent as an investment for your investment!